Aikido in Sparks Staff

Ron Bonomo, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Instructor – Ron started studying Aikido in 1994. He spent over two years as a live-in student in United States and Iwama, Japan. Ron has been teaching Aikido to children, teens, adults, and law enforcement since 1999. Ron is a 5th degree blackbelt. Professionally, Ron has a masters in Secondary Education and has been teaching for over sixteen years. He is also a graduate of the U.S. Army’s Non-commissioned Officers Academy in Baumholder, West Germany.

Sam Chung, MBA, Chief Financial Officer – Sam, who is 80 and actively studying Aikido, started studying in Sensei Tohei’s school in the 70’s. He resumed practice with Ron in 2019 and is currently teaching the developing seniors program for Aikido in Sparks. Sam taught math and business at TMCC for fifteen years.

Cristina Incentalupo, Business Office – Cristina started studying Aikido in 2014 and previously studying Judo. She is working on her bachelor’s degree in education. She is fluent in German and Italian.

Dennis Stoddard, MBA, Business Office and Web Development – Dennis started studying Shotokan karate in 1977 and Aikido in 2010. He also briefly studied KenJuBoAi, boxing and Hung Gar. Professionally, he is currently a corporate analyst. Dennis retired from the State of Nevada and the U.S. Navy.